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UNIMPRESA INTERNATIONAL was created to give companies the opportunity to internationalize in Eastern European and Asian countries.

It is an autonomous association of Unimpresa based in the city of Sofia, a strategic point to compete on the global market.

It is recognized by the Bulgarian Authorities, with registration in the National Register of the Ministry of Industrial Activities under no. 177 356 177.

The governance of Unimpresa International consists of: Area Balkans and Eastern Europe.

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All activities will be carried out by the Foreign Affairs Department represented by Giuseppe Spadafora General Manager National Deputy President.

Through the Department of Foreign Affairs, UNIMPRESA has been a tool to support Italian SMEs. With its network of foreign representations, the Department guarantees access to information from public or private programs that invite SMEs to look beyond their national borders for imports, exports, cooperation, and are accompanied by systems of easy use, just like a one-stop shop, to gather information and translate
this interest into constructive solutions towards internationalization.

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact, national borders still represent a significant obstacle to the expansion of their activities, the Department is committed to creating a series of opportunities to promote internationalization projects between Italy and foreign markets that are more suited to production characteristics of SMEs.

The assumptions of the success of this process start from an analysis and preventive study of the qualified foreign representations of Unimpresa who have identified in specific areas, favorable conditions for the development of long-term strategies aimed at developing constructive relations between institutions and private individuals.
Furthermore, through direct services to SMEs, the Department promotes easier and more extensive access to support programs, of European, national and regional institutions that combine innovation and internationalization as a mixture of tools that allow companies to increase their capacity to create value and their competitiveness.

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