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We are a SME's service hub in Bulgaria

UNIMPRESA INTERNATIONAL was created to give companies the opportunity to
internationalize in Eastern European and Asian countries.

It is an autonomous association of Unimpresa based in the city of Sofia, a strategic point to compete on the global market.

It is recognized by the Bulgarian Authorities, with registration in the National Register of the Ministry of Industrial Activities under no. 177 356 177.

The governance of Unimpresa International consists of: Area Balkans and Eastern Europe.

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Why Bulgaria?

Average GDP growth above the European average

Single tax on profits for natural and legal persons of 10%

Foreign private investment of 10% of GDP

80 % of private economy

Highty qualified workforce

Level of education above the EU average

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A Full Range of SME's Services


Company constitution

Constitution S.R.L and S.P.A., sworn and apostillary translation of Italian company documents in case of participation of foreign legal entities.
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Assistance for starting up a company

Due diligence, complete inspection of the activities of the Bulgarian company to be acquired – in whole or in part, filing of documents and procedures for licenses and permits…
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Accounting and tax assistance

Monthly VAT settlement (mandatory), bank and cash management, intrastat, preparation of quarterly reports in Italian…
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Legal, financial and tax consultancy

It includes the possibility of being constantly assisted for all the questions concerning the activity, the regulations in the pertinent field,..
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Research and recruitment of personnel

The service includes announcements in the main selection channels in Bulgaria, acceptance and analysis of the curriculum…
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European funds

Assistance, feasibility studies for the request for European funds.
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Availability of a trustee

Availability of a trustee on the spot, or a delegate with notarial power of attorney to manage the ordinary administration…
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Commercial activities

Selection of commercial partners, product research, raw materials, goods to and from Bulgaria, market research…
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Real estate activity

search for residential / office / commercial / industrial / agricultural properties…
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Assistance for construction

Construction supervision, supervision of the SAL, control of investment budgets, construction accounting.
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Domiciliation with our offices (registered office), secretarial services, Bulgarian / Italian / English / French / Russian interpreting…
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Business Developement

In the Balkans (Bulgaria, Russia, China, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)…
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